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3 Ways to Find Hot Products to Sell on Amazon/eBay

It is very normal to struggle to find what to products to sell on Amazon/eBay but don’t worry and read this blog carefully and follow the tips. If you do, you will find products and hopefully start making money.

Tip 1 – Hot New Releases

Firstly, there is nothing better to sell than products that are already selling. There are a few ways to find these products like the following:

  • Sit Back and THINK – Take a few minutes with a notepad and ask yourself the following questions: What products are out there that everyone is talking about? If I can’t sell that product, can I sell its accessories? What are some of the products that I recently bought because everyone else was buying it? How can I take advantage of what is currently popular? Please don’t make the mistake of glancing over these questions and ignoring them completely! Take the time out and seriously consider these questions. You may surprise yourself.
  • Social Media – For example, the segway was crazy all over social media and everyone was making videos of themselves riding them. Now it doesn’t have to something as mega-popular as this but if you’re clever enough you may spot a product which people are loving and you should start thinking if you can make money from that.
  • Online Retail Stores – Apart from Amazon you should visit some of these websites and they usually have a top seller section and trending section this is another easy way to find hot selling products.

Tip 2 – Be A Futurist


Yes. If you want to be ahead of the game you have to think ahead of the game. Again take a few minutes and ask yourself. What are some of the products that are not released yet which I am looking forward to buying in the future? What season is upcoming? and which products increase in popularity over this time? What products are going out of style? What is that product being replaced by?

Tip 3 – Time & Effort

This is probably the most time consuming way but definitely the easiest, most rewarding and most guaranteed method.

Instead of looking at Amazon/eBay first look at Alibaba, your wholesaler, or wherever you get your products from. Look at what deals they have going on. There might be a clearance sale, a quickfire sale, or any bargains that are going and you might find something you could take advantage of.

Then before the sale ends or offer ends look through Amazon/eBay and look for that product if you find that exact same product see how many reviews on Amazon and how often they sell on eBay by looking at the sold section on each product page. This gives an indication of how popular the product is. If the profit is worthwhile then go for it! This way you are more guaranteed that it will sell and you may be able to beat the price of your competitor because you got it cheaper than them

These are the facts. Nobody is going to give you what products to sell on Amazon because that’s how they are making their money and don’t want to create competition for themselves. Don’t ever pay for “Seminars” or crash courses that will help you make a million dollars. Everything they teach you, they learned for free online from articles and youtube. The method is here. Use it. Make Money.

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