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Amazon Barcodes: What to Know to Start Selling Online

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We have Amazon clients that engage their business through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and they always come to us for their Barcode needs. They come to us because we sell authentic and Amazon-valid product codes. Here are some important concepts to consider when buying barcodes for Amazon.

FBA Product barcode Requirements

Amazon uses barcodes to identify and track products throughout the fulfillment process. All products under the FBA program and are sent to the Amazon Fulfillment Center (AFC) will require a Barcode before being accepted.

To get in the FBA program, products will need to have one of this three identifying labels:

  • Amazon Barcodes
  • Manufacturer Barcodes (EAN, UPC, ISBN, JAN, or GCID)
  • Transparency Authenticity Code (This is to prevent counterfeiting)

Amazon Barcodes

Amazon Barcodes is an alternative if you the Manufacturer Barcode is not available. The product categories that can use this type of barcode are the following:

  • Consumable Products
  • Products with packaging that does not allow barcodes to be scanned
  • Topical Products like Cosmetics and Creams
  • Products with an expiry date

There are two ways to get your Amazon codes to products

  1. Print the Amazon barcodes and get them to your products yourself.
  2. Let Amazon print and apply the barcode on each item. Of course, for a fee.

Manufacturer Barcodes

This is the most common way to get your product codes for Amazon. You can get your Amazon codes here at UPC. Purchase EAN barcodes then include barcode image to the product label.

Transparency Authenticity Codes

Amazon Transparency codes are authentication numbers on an item level to help protect from counterfeiting. These numbers are issued by Amazon and comes with a Transparency “T” logo and should be visible on the product label.

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