Barcode Price List

Here’s our complete Barcode Price List.

Bundles include UPC and EAN Barcodes.

We are so proud of our barcode price list that we thought we’d publish the whole thing online! It’ll make it easier to find the item you’re looking for too. 🙂

Quantity£ Price € Price $ Price
1 Barcode£1.00€1.15$1.27
5 Barcodes£4.99€5.75$6.33
10 Barcodes£7.99€9.21$10.14
20 Barcodes£11.99€13.82$15.21
50 Barcodes£18.99€21.88$24.09
100 Barcodes£29.99€34.56$38.05
200 Barcodes£45.99€52.99$58.34
500 Barcodes£69.99€80.65$88.79
1,000 Barcodes£99.99€115.22$126.85
2,000 Barcodes£149.99€172.83$190.28
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Currency Data as of 12/23/2023

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