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Barcode Sample: Sample Images and Definition

Are you looking for the correct barcode for your business? There are many types of barcodes out there; most of them look a lot alike. So what do you need? In this post, you will learn about a barcode sample and some images of what they actually look like. 

Barcode TypeDefinition or UsesBarcode Sample Image
Book Barcode (ISBN)This book barcode is an EAN-13 barcode created with an ISBN-13 number. If you plan on publishing a book or magazine, you need to get the ISBN number and required to apply to the proper organization of your country.
ISSN EAN sample barcode for a magazineHere is a sample product barcode for a magazine. This barcode is an EAN-13 with a code based on the ISSN number. If you’re publishing a periodical newspaper or magazine, this is what you need. You’re going to need an ISSN number from the National ISSN Center and contact a barcode reseller like Unique Product Codes. The barcode reseller will use the ISSN to create the barcode for your magazine or newspaper.
ISSN+2: Barcode with added 2-digit supplement

Photo of other barcode samples

Do You Need a Barcode?

Suppose you need UPC or EAN barcodes for your online shop. May it be from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or Etsy, reach out to us here at Unique Product Codes. You can buy UPC or EAN barcode bundles at an affordable price. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you want to buy five barcodes, ten barcodes, or 500 barcodes; we can cater to your needs.

Benefits of Buying From Unique Product Codes:

  • Affordable Prices
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What Happens When I Order Barcodes at Unique Product Codes?

Here at Unique Product Codes, when you order a barcode package, for your convenience, we send the images of the barcode via e-mail in several file formats. Furthermore, you can download the file in JPEG, SVG, PNG, Vector EPS, or PDF format. In addition, you will receive a zip folder containing the images. In addition, a guarantee certificate is included.

All the barcode images have a standard barcode size, so you can conveniently use it any of your product. However, in case some of the barcode images appear blurry, upgrade your graphics software as it may not work well with loading the image. Lastly, we recommend using Vector EPS barcode because it’s the most precise barcode image type. Buy barcodes at Unique Product Codes now!

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