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Barcode Glossary: The Common Terms You Need To Understand

Finding a barcode solution that works for your Amazon shop doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s why we’re here at Unique Product Codes, to help you with your barcode needs so you can concentrate on expanding your business and gain more sales. This post is a barcode glossary so you can understand the common terms that will be helpful in choosing the right barcode provider for you.

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Barcode Glossary: Common Terms


A machine-readable image containing information that easily read by a cellphone app or barcode scanner. It is in a form of numbers, and lines used to identify a product. Even products sold on Amazon should have barcodes so they can be easily tracked in the fulfillment process. The Fulfillment Center of Amazon requires all sellers to have a barcode.

Barcode Package

The barcode package refers to a purchase option that barcode retailers offer. While barcode images and barcode numbers can be purchased at the same time. This also includes a guarantee certificate and barcode registration.

Barcode Registration

A barcode registration is an optional service offered by barcode suppliers to increase internet profiles of barcodes. This is to ensure that a product’s information appears if the barcode is being scanned. There is no required registration database for barcode numbers.

Check Digit

A check digit also called check-sum digit, is an additional digit calculate using a special algorithm and added in the end of a barcode. This is to ensure that the barcode is not incorrectly keyed in wrong, because if there is one incorrect digit, the check-digit will change.

Country Code

Country code refers to the first three digits of a retail barcode number that indicates GS1 member organization, where the barcode came from. The common misconception is that the country code shows the country of origin of the product. In reality, the country code shows the country origin of the barcode itself.


EAN -13, also stands for European Article Number, is a 13-digit standard retail barcode used throughout the world. In the USA, UPC-A Barcodes are commonly used, although many stores across the US accept EAN-13 Barcodes. EAN-13 refers to the barcode number of the barcode’s format.

QR Code

QR Code or the Quick Response Code is a common kind of 2D barcode. The QR codes encode many types of information worldwide, not just for products sold on Amazon. QR codes automatically link mobile phones to a certain URL address when scanned by a smartphone’s camera.


The specifications refer to the dimensions of the barcode required in the product so it can push through processing. Stores have different barcodes that do not fit the specifications. Small businesses don’t mind these details too much, but if you want your business to expand, the barcode specifications of the product are very important.


Symbology is a type of barcode or a process followed for encoding. The word symbology is also known as barcode format. The symbology is a combination of the parties for the sequencing process.


UPC or Universal Product Code is a type of standard retail barcode in the USA and worldwide. The UPC has 12-digit numbers encoded in the UPC Symbology and a proven effective subset of the EAN-13 numbers.


An additional service offered by GS1 and some barcode resellers consisting of a test scan of the barcode for printing on the product to see how it is likely to scan in different environments. Usually, this is not necessary however some larger retailers require this. The barcode must strictly adhere to barcode specifications to pass.

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