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The Ultimate Barcode Guide: Everything You Need to Know

There are many barcode guide posts out there, but the topic still seems to be blurry for some. What does a barcode exactly do? Why do you need barcodes to sell products on Amazon? In this ultimate barcode guide, you will learn all these things. Here at Unique Product Codes, we are here to guide you through the step-by-step process of understanding the purpose of barcodes. 

What Is a Barcode?

Different types of Barcodes

First of all, what is a barcode? A barcode is a machine-readable code consisting of parallel lines of different widths, numbers, and letters. It is printed on products to make it their identifier. Consider it as an ID for all products. 

Using barcodes helps businesses and online retailers to have an organizational system for all their products. This is for a more organized inventory system, tracking products, a centralized management system, and pricing of products. The use of barcodes helps businesses to become more productive and efficient. 

So what is the purpose of the lines and patterns in the barcodes? These are representations of numbers and data. This is specific information that is dedicated to that product alone. These lines and patterns can be read by a barcode scanner, or optical scanning device, or read when entered into a computer system.

If you’re a business owner and you have tons of products in your store, you know how hard it is to inventory all your products one by one. But with the use of barcodes, you don’t have to experience this ever again. 

Why Do I Need Barcodes for My Products?

Have you noticed when you shop in supermarkets or convenience stores, all products have barcodes? If you haven’t noticed, on your next supermarket trip, look at it closely. Barcodes are not just used for products in physical stores but in online shopping platforms like eBay or Amazon. 

If you plan to sell on Amazon or eBay, you should know that you will need barcodes. This is for inventory, identification, fulfilment process, to logistics. Why do you need barcodes? Simple answer: Amazon requires it. Its system of Amazon is barcode-driven. Each product sent to their fulfilment centre must have a barcode. This is for easy tracking in the fulfilment process. In case there are returns, losses in the logistics, or complaints about a product. 

One Product Type = One Barcode

You should know that each product that you want to sell must have its own unique barcode. So, for example, if you’re selling 500 lipsticks on Amazon, if they are the same colour, the same brand, and the exact specification, they need identical barcodes on their packaging. 

If you sell lipsticks of another colour, then you need another set of barcodes. In short, one product type is equivalent to one barcode. And where can you exactly purchase barcodes? You can buy from legit third-party resellers like Unique Product Codes

Do Packages Need Barcodes?

Yes, packages need barcodes. For example, if you sell a beauty package or gift bag. It may include a moisturizer, lipstick, bubble bath, lotion, and many more placed in one gift basket. So the moisturizer needs to have its own barcode. The lipstick needs its barcode. The bubble bath needs its own barcode. The lotion needs its own barcode, and so on. And the gift basket needs its own barcode as well. 

Technically, a gift basket or a product bundle is a unique product as well. It has its own price, own specifications, has its own shipping weight, packaging dimensions, and so forth. If you’re selling product bundles like gift baskets or three products in one, you’ll definitely need a unique barcode for this. Just make sure that the barcode is visible on the package. 

I Want to Sell My Products on Amazon; What Barcodes Do I Need?

That is a good question! In the Amazon fulfilment centre, there are three kinds of barcodes they use to identify products. To know more, click here

  • Manufacturer Barcodes: GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN
  • Amazon Barcodes: FNSKU
  • Brand Owner Barcodes: This barcode is for brand owners only. This requires additional Transparency Authenticity Codes. This is to help in preventing counterfeiting. 

As an Amazon seller, you can use any of the barcodes mentioned above. What’s your next step to be able to sell on Amazon? You just have to buy from a legit third-party seller of barcodes, tell them what you need, and how many products you have, and they will do all the work for you.

Where Do You Buy Barcodes?

Great question, and here is the best answer: buy barcodes from Unique Product Codes. We have available EAN or UPC barcode bundles at an affordable price. To give you an idea, here is the price list. Reach out to us now and let us help you grow your Amazon business. We hope this ultimate barcode guide has helped you understand more about barcodes. Read more about our UPC barcode guide here.

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