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UPC Barcodes: Everything to know about UPC Numbers

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Every new company will look to acquire a set of UPC barcodes for their products. UPC or Universal Product Codes allows businesses and companies to sell and distribute their products in almost any type of Point of Sale (eCommerce, Brick and mortar shops, retail shops, and more. This makes UPC barcodes an essential part of any business.

With Unique Product Codes, we ensure that you get the best possible information about what and why you need UPC barcodes. Here are some important questions you might have and we have the answers for them:

What is a UPC Code?

Based on Wikipedia, UPC or Unique Product Code is a barcode symbology commonly used in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Here are UPC facts to know about as well.

  1. UPC data structure is a part of the GTIN space.
  2. It should follow the GS1 specification – an international standard for barcodes.
  3. UPC codes generate machine-readable Barcode Images.

What is a UPC Bar Code?

A UPC Bar code (UPC-A) consists of a machine-readable strip of black bars and white spaces. Below these black strips, an equivalent 12-digit number is present. A unique relationship between barcode image and number exists. The 12-digit number will always be the same as the barcode image it generates.

What are the parts of a UPC Bar code?

The first 6-Digit is called the manufacturer identification number. This will be assigned to all the company’s products. The next five digits are called the Item number. This refers to the product or item sold by the company. If the company has a large inventory of different products, it is a best practice that one person handles to the issuance of barcodes to ensure that there are no duplication and reused barcodes for discontinued products. The last digit is called the Check digit. This number is the result of a series of calculations to confirm that the UPC code is correct. An incorrect check digit will not result in a valid barcode image and won’t pass the scanners.

parts of UPC Barcode

What are the advantages of using UPC Barcodes?

Here are some of the advantages of using UPC as your standard barcode:

  1. UPC is a standard in US retail.
  2. UPCs improve speed, efficiency, and productivity through the elimination of manual input of product information
  3. UPC allows inventory tracking and reporting for retail businesses.

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