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UPC Codes for Amazon: Where to Buy and How to List Them on Amazon

Any business needs an organized system to keep track of the inventory and track logistics. A business as big as Amazon needs a systematic approach to its operations. How do they do that? It’s by using UPC codes for Amazon in the American market. 

This post will benefit all sellers who plan to sell their products on Amazon. In this post, you will learn about the UPC codes for Amazon, what it is used for, why Amazon requires them, where to buy them, and the steps on how to List them on Amazon. 

What Are the UPC Codes Used for in Amazon?

First of all, get to know what are Unique Product Codes (UPC). UPCs are 12-digit codes used to identify and track retail products. A UPC enables quick identification of a product when scanned. The product information includes product name, brand name, product colour, and other pertinent information. It is the most common code used in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US. 

This makes the whole inventory and logistics process flawless, from the seller to the warehouse to the checkout process to the delivery right on the customer’s doorstep. Thanks to UPC’s use, there are fewer errors, and Amazon saved significant money in dealing with mistakes. Without a UPC, Amazon does not allow a seller to List their products on the site. 

How Do You Know It’s Time to Buy UPC Codes

It’s time to buy UPC codes for your product when:

  • First and most importantly, when you’re a first-time seller in Amazon. 
  • You have your own products (e.g., private label products), and your brand needs registration in Amazon. 
  • You have a new product, and it requires a UPC barcode assignment. 

Where to Buy UPC Codes for Amazon?

Buying UPC codes for Amazon is a pretty straightforward process when buying from third-party vendors. Here at Unique Product Codes, you can save money and buy UPC codes for less than $10. What are the perks of buying from UPC with Unique Product Codes?

  • Easy Buying Process: Choose your barcode package, add it to the cart, pay, and download. 
  • Authentic UPC: There are many other third-party UPC sellers out there. Sadly, some aren’t legitimate. If Amazon detects this, your account may undergo suspension. Only get UPC code for Amazon from legit sellers. Unique Product Codes is an authentic UPC provider.
  • Unique UPC: Other third-party sellers reuse their UPC registered with other companies. Instead of your product details coming up, chances are, the old product may come up. This never happens here at Unique Product Codes. All barcodes are original, unique, and created just for you. 
  • Legitimate GS1 Resellers: This is the first thing you should look for when buying UPC from a third-party reseller. Here at Unique Product Codes, we are legitimate GS1 resellers. 
  • Affordable Packages: Here at Unique Product Codes, we guarantee you affordable packages depending on your needs. You can buy as little as five barcodes or as many as 2,000 barcodes and enjoy discounted rates. See the barcode pricelist here.

Tips To Remember: 

What To Avoid: Always avoid third-party sellers that sell UPC codes on eBay. Not to stereotype all, but many UPC sellers in eBay are not certified and use recycled UPCs. This is something you should definitely avoid. 

Barcode Placement: After you purchased your barcode from Unique Product Codes, you should know the proper barcode placement. In general, place the UPC in the lower-right-hand section at the back of the product. Always avoid placing the UPC on the edge of the product for proper scanning. 

Steps On How to ‘List’ Your Products On Amazon Using Your UPC Codes

Now that you have the proper information on the importance of UPCs for Amazon and where to buy UPC codes familiarize yourself with how to ‘List’ your products on Amazon. Simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Seller Central
  2. Go to the ‘Inventory’ Drop Down
  3. Click ‘Add a Product
  4. Click the ‘Create a new product listing’ link
  5. In the ‘Product ID’, select ‘UPC’ on the dropdown list and enter your UPC code.
  6. Below, there are required fields you need to fill up, such as Product Name, Brand Name, and so on. 
  7. As soon as you fill up all the required fields, you’re good to go.

Got Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Communication with your UPC provider is essential. Let us know what your products are because each product needs a specialized UPC for Amazon. For instance, consumable goods should have expiration dates included. 

Also, enjoy great deals from time to time and check out the coupon codes on our site. If you want to learn more info, make sure to check out this post, Amazon Barcode: What to Know to Start Selling Online.

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