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Barcode Placement: How To Place Product Barcodes

Are you an Amazon store owner looking for barcodes for the products you’re about to sell? Amazon requires placing barcodes on products sent in their fulfillment center for easy tracking. If your product does not have a barcode, you can’t make any sales. 

Undeniably, barcoding makes inventory management more accessible and quicker. Do you need barcodes for your products? In this post, you can learn the proper placement of barcodes on products and where to buy barcodes. 

Proper Barcode Placement and Sizing

Placement Of Barcodes On Packaging: Why it’s Important

Where you place the barcode on a package could impact the ability of any type of scanner to read a barcode. Have you noticed that products you checked out in supermarkets have barcodes placed on the lower-right hand section? Because that’s where barcodes should be placed. 

It is recommended that barcodes should be placed in a visible part for a more straightforward checkout process. It is not advisable that barcodes be placed on the edge of the package because there won’t be enough space for the white space, and it will be hard to scan the product. 

The printed surface should be smooth so it won’t interfere with the ability of the scanner to read the barcode. The primary point of correctly placing barcodes is is for easier scanning and increased efficiency. 

How To Determine The Correct Barcode Sizing

Barcodes should have a defined size for their height and weight dimensions. The minimum size of a barcode is based on the scanner’s limitations used to detect the barcode and the printing technology used. The small barcodes have the proper printing tolerances and can be an issue for some scanners. 

The size required for UPC barcodes is 1.02 “tall and 1.469” wide. Depending on the size of your package, you can reduce the size of the barcode by up to 80% and can be increased as much as 200%. The minimum clear area on the left or right sides of the barcode should be nine times the width of the narrowest space or bar in the barcode. 

Does this sound too technical? Don’t worry because if you purchase barcodes for your Amazon store, the barcode reseller can guide you through the proper placing and sizing of the barcode. Unique Product Codes can guide you through the process even on how to use product barcodes.

Placement Of Barcodes on Packaging

The GS1 General Specification has general guidelines for UPC barcode sizing and placement on different products and packaging. The comprehensive GS1 requirements need certified barcode consultants. That’s where Unique Product Codes can help you. Learn more about Unique Product codes here

While there are many factors in the placement of barcodes in packaging, we’re going to break it down into two major areas to easily understand: Barcode placement for outer packages and outer packages. Here are the guidelines:

Barcode Placement for Consumer Packages

These barcode guidelines apply to consumer packages like multipacks, cylindrical items, jars, right-angled items, bottles, and soft packages. 

  • Each consumer package should have one barcode.
  • The barcode should be at least 8mm, and 100mm in the edge of the package.
  • The barcode should be placed in the lower part of the package, as much as possible on the right. 
  • Avoid placing the barcode on the edge or most bottom part.

Barcode Placement for Outer Packages

These barcode guidelines apply to outer packages for grocery sectors like pallets or pallet labels:

  • The outer package should have a barcode so it can be read even when placed on a pallet.
  • Either the front or back side should be marked with a barcode so it can be read easily.
  • If the package is too heavy, the two sides should have a barcode.
  • Do not place the barcode on the bottom part especially if the package is heavy.

Do You Need Barcodes For Your Amazon Store?

If you need barcodes for your Amazon store, contact Unique Product Codes right away. You can buy UPC or EAN barcode bundles for your Amazon products. 

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