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What Is a Product Barcode?

A product barcode is not a random set of numbers chosen by the manufacturer or brand owner. Product barcodes are a string of number that adheres to global standards that enables the selling of any product worldwide. To prevent duplicate and ensure the authenticity of the barcode, it should contain GS1 Company Prefix (assigned to the brand), Item Reference Number (by the brand owner), and the Check Digit. 

Product barcodes help e-commerce businesses to track products and access key products quickly. So what is a product code, and how do you use them? Business owners need to know these facts to easily monitor the stock on hand, see product details, and determine product price. 

Product Barcode

Unique Barcodes Are a Must

First and foremost, e-commerce business owners should know that each of their products should have a unique product code. This is to easily identity, track, and monitor your inventory. Most physical stores and online retailers use the Universal Product Code (UPC) or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). How do you know which coding system is best for your business? This will depend on what kind of business you have, and your inventory tracking needs. 

UPC Barcode Numbers

UPC barcode labels are what you see in most products placed by the manufacturer. To obtain UPCs, the manufacturer should register with a Global Standard (GS1) to get a unique 8-12 digit code. This is a requirement for easy identification and tracking of their products worldwide. Here are the benefits of using UPCs for your products:

  • Protect your business from product forgery and brand theft.
  • To meet the requirements to sell products on Amazon.
  • It can be easier for consumers to access information about your products online. Such as product type, restrictions, ingredients, etc.)
  • Lastly, can be tracked in a retail POS system to track inventory and speed up the checkout process

Internal SKU Numbers

Aside from the Universal Product Code (UPC), online sellers can also use Internal Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). E-commerce sellers and retailers use internal SKU to enjoy these advantages:

  • To stock items from different suppliers
  • To track different products using the conventional numbering system
  • Internal SKU numbers allow retailers to create their unique labeling system
  • To manage inventory
  • Monitor each sale by each department
  • Lastly, to quickly lookup for products in an organized manner

How to Get a Barcode for a Product

There are three ways to get a barcode for each of your products: Retail POS Systems, Barcode Generator Websites, and Portable Barcode Printers.

  • Retail POS Systems: The inventory management system in all-in-one sales, business management systems, and inventory. It is easier to create a barcode on each item using Internal SKU or UPC.
  • Barcode Generator Websites: There are websites that will translate product codes into a barcode and can be saved and downloaded in the future. Furthermore, this is an easier option because you only need to contact an online reseller for barcodes. This is also the best option for online retailers for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and other online selling platforms. 
  • Portable Barcode Printers: These are handheld barcode printers that let you input the product code so you can label on the spot. Portable Barcode printers are best for supermarkets or physical stores.

Is Purchasing a UPC or Other Barcodes From a Reseller Legal?

Yes, purchasing product barcodes from a reseller are legal. Although making a product barcode is not a legal requirement, it a requirement for trading partners. In fact, many grocery chains, large retailers, distributors, e-commerce businesses obtain barcodes from UPC supplier companies like Unique Product Codes

They outsource their product barcodes to legit barcode sellers for a hassle-free transaction and take off the burden from their hands. If you’re a business owner and would like to avail of product barcodes, you can quickly contact legit barcode resellers like Unique Product Codes. All you have to them is to drop a message, and we are here to guide you throughout the process. 

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