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Selling on Amazon/eBay : Here are 4 Tips to Increase Sales

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When selling on Amazon/eBay you HAVE to always keep the customer in mind. They are the priority! In your listing, you have to convince them that your product is exactly what they need and want. You also have to convince the customer that YOU as a seller can be trusted. These 4 tips will help you boost up your sales.

1. Reviews


For Amazon, getting reviews is very important because it not only shows that other people are buying this product but also shows that they are enjoying the product. Past buyers that are satisfied will convince future buyers that they will be satisfied. The more satisfied past customers you have the more potential customers it will convince to purchase. Customer reviews are very powerful, 88% of consumers now say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Why not take advantage of this when selling on Amazon?


You don’t have to buy the product to leave a review! If you have friends or family that have Amazon accounts, ask them to leave a review for that product. If you are lonely… it’s okay. Just create a separate Amazon account and use that to leave reviews on your products my friend. Even with a few reviews under your product it will not just help with an increase in sales but boost your ranking in the search pages.

Keep in mind most of the customers that buy from you won’t leave feedback. So you should personally message them politely asking them to leave a review… and if they still don’t leave a review to threaten to KILL THEM !!….that was a joke… Please don’t do that.


Now for eBay, individual product reviews are not actually that important. eBay don’t really emphasise the importance reviews for some reason. What they do look at and what is important on eBay is the actual seller feedback. When you buy on eBay you can usually see the seller name and the percentage of positive feedback of past buyers. So thats what you have to aim to increase.

Now the annoying thing with eBay is you have to be really careful when dealing with customers especially if you’re starting out. Because 1 negative feedback when you have just started selling can really affect future sales. So the phrase “the customer is always right” will never be more important than when you are starting up. So be nice to your customers and try your very best to achieve good customer satisfaction. If you have to give a refund, give a refund. No point risking long term goals on short term problems. However, if you feel that the customer is simply asking for too much then you should either do what you feel is best to end the problem or contact eBay for help dealing with a tricky customer.

Once you begin to establish yourself as an eBay seller you can breathe a little. I would say you need to get at least 100 positive feedbacks before you are in the “safe zone” regarding negative feedback affecting sales.

The Look !

Firstly, SEO. Which search engine optimization. Basically the words you use in your listings are also very important because when you search for a product there might be a combination of words or a single word that is mainly used when people search for that particular product. So make sure you are using those keywords that best describe your product in your title and description.

If you don’t know what the keywords are just look at a few of your most popular competitors and look at how they have worded their title and description. Which words do you feel are the significant words which could convince the buyer to purchase?

AND use your brain! What are you selling on Amazon? Try and sum it up in as few words as possible. There are your keywords for your title.

Also, make sure take full advantage of the amount of characters that are allowed. Filling up your title with these keywords and product characteristics could be key in getting customers to view your product and therefore purchasing.

Other than the title, the product description is also essential. Make sure you get as much information as possible !! If you have to extra research about that product do that too ! This will make you look like you know what you’re talking about, help with customer queries, make your customer stay on your product page longer than others and customers will feel more comfortable buying from someone who seems knowledgable. It makes it seem you are a professional and a specialist in that field. Even if you aren’t.


Use plenty of images. And not just studio pictures from Google that make the product look like gold. You would be surprised at how many people look for and are persuaded by the real-life pictures to see how it actually looks like rather than studio images. This doesn’t mean studio images are not important. They are. If you decide to take an image yourself DO NOT take the picture using a potato. Use the best camera you have whether it’s on a phone or digital camera. Make sure you have good lighting and make sure you have good quality images.

3. Pricing

Both eBay and Amazon can be very competitive when it comes to pricing. There can be allotted of other sellers selling the exact same thing as you. So how are you different? If you have nothing that separates you from the competition the only edge you may have is to beat the price of your competition. Even if this is $0.1, you may get some extra sales.

If you can’t match or beat the price of your main competition, you should aim to get as close as possible to increase your chances of sales. Amazon compares prices from other suppliers to get the best price to the customer. Thats great for the customer but makes all the seller compete heavily with prices.

When it comes to eBay the pricing is actually not as vital as it is when selling on Amazon. It is still important but you can make it up on other areas. This is because you have creative control when it comes to the product description section. If you have a very modern, informative, image-heavy description this alone can separate you from the competition. Look at point 2 for this.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Similar to pricing, discounts are an important way of converting sales. Great way for a quick boost in sales when selling on Amazon or eBay.

Daily deals and significant discounts could land you at #1 for your product category. This also opens up the possibility of appearing on the Amazon home page under the “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” categories, which will generate enormous amounts of traffic.

This also grants exposure to your related products which can also be seen on the page. Thus allowing customers to see your other offerings at a glance and perhaps entice them to purchase one of your full-priced items.

Now if you are starting off its a good idea to give a nice little just to get some sales going. If you set the discount price at break even for a little while this would get you a surge in sales, get some reviews and rise in the rankings. This could benefit in the long term. After a nice few sales you can put the price up and start making profit.

…And finally

Just to end. All these points are connected to each other. If you have a good looking product, which is very informative, convincing, and has a special offer on for a little while, then you WILL get sales. Sales WILL get reviews. Reviews WILL get you more sales.

If one of these 4 points like pricing isn’t the best or as good as the competition then you can make it up with some of the other points like the look, or reviews or discounts. The other point could even out your weaker ones. Selling on Amazon or eBay is not that difficult when you know what it takes to achieve higher sales.

If you have read this far thank you! Hope this helped. Hope you learnt something. Hope you implement it. Hope you make lots and lots of money !

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