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Improve Your Amazon Business with these 4 Tips

Amazon Business

1. Optimizing Product Details for Better Search Rankings

Amazon is a very competitive and crowded marketplace for all sellers. In order to separate yourself from others, you have to make sure buyers can see you before your competition.

This is made possible by allowing buyers to narrow down their initial search by different product attributes. Buyers can search for specific attributes like “yellow lemon-shaped cooking timer”. Customers can narrow down to the exact item they’re looking for. Amazon uses product information you have entered and matches that to a customer’s search with your items. Therefore, it’s very important that you provide Amazon with the most accurate product information and as much of it as you can.

This includes product title, description, product identifiers, search terms, size, color, etc. Don’t skim on this type of information. It’s how customers find your products and know they’re buying the right thing. This is what can separate you from the rest of the herd to improve your Amazon business.

2. Use Competitive Pricing

Most customers shop on Amazon to find cheaper alternative prices. This is mainly one of the key factors that buyers use in deciding whether or not someone makes a purchase.

Therefore, knowing what prices you’re competing against, and how to list products at a competitive price can either make or break your Amazon store.

If you’re generic, unbranded or mainstream branded good then be prepared to do some research on how much those items are selling for. Having a lower price can help your items show up at the top of search results and get more sales. If you are selling for the long term be prepared to list at a price where you break even or even make a slight loss. This is because the more sales you get the higher the listing ranking goes. Also, the more sales you get the more likely you are in getting product reviews and if those reviews are positive this will also help your rankings rocket up. Once the listings is getting a consistent level of sales you can increase the price of the product and not see much of a difference in sales. This is when you can recover your losses and make a nice profit.

3. Take Professional Product Images

When it comes to online buying, it is crucial that customers can physically see exactly what they’re going to buy. In order to do that, you need professional looking pictures of the items you’re selling. You’ll want to continually keep your images fresh and up to date. Having quality pictures makes you appear as a more professional, and trustworthy seller.

It may be worth investing in some photography equipment such as lighting and background. There are some great deals on eBay worth around £10 if you sell small items and a little more for bigger items.

4. Work to Continually Improve Your Performance

As for the last tip to improve your Amazon Business, measuring your performance is key to continuously reach new business heights . If you’re serious about selling and increasing your business to the size that it can be your main income, you’ll need to monitor your performance ratings regularly. You will need to make sure your account doesn’t risk getting suspended.

Pay close attention to your sales, whether it is increasing or decreasing, return rate, and seller rating. All of these are important in determining where you have room for improvement. Always evaluate your strategy and whether there is something you can do differently to change improve your performance regardless is your stats are going up or down.

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